I’m 22 and will be 23 on November 26th. My half birthday is May 27th. My Myers-Briggs personality type is ISTJ-T, sometimes INTJ-T. My sun sign is in Sagittarius, moon in Virgo, and ascendant in Cancer. My favourite Kardashian is Kourtney. I like pineapple on pizza and I think ranch dressing is disgusting. Do what you will with this information.

I’ve mostly identified myself as a student in the past, but recently I’ve been trying to describe myself with traits beyond work or school. I’m interested in finding work that is engaging and meaningful before considering it a part of my identity. I am a person who seeks to share my experiences and perspectives through making and creating; I am someone who craves creativity. I believe the ability to translate a lived experience through art is the pinnacle of human communication, and I aim for all my work (private or professional) to convey this.

If I had to honestly describe myself as a person, I’d say that I’m introspective, introverted. I wholly embrace my sensitivity, even if it makes connecting with others difficult. I think it’s immensely valuable, and I’m learning to be open to both the risks and rewards of emotional vulnerability. Ironically though, the way interact with the outside world is the polar opposite. I’m someone driven by logic, facts, and reasoning in daily life (Re: Myers-Briggs personality type). Regardless, it’s still hard to translate the same stoicism to my own self-perception. I’m anxious about success and have a tendency towards high self-expectations and low self-compassion. This has ultimately amounted severe anxiety and deep dissatisfaction with myself. I’m in the process of unlearning my maladaptive habits, learning to acknowledge my validity and worth as an individual, and unpacking each aspect of my identity that causes me to think/feel/act the way I do. My goal is to continue to grow in self-awareness, become a more authentic version of myself, and to live intentionally.

This blog is one of the many things that contribute to my personal growth, as well as a documentation of the process itself. On a daily basis I struggle with mental illness, relationships with others, and seeking belonging. These are very common and human experiences that I want to populate within this space. I find that stories about not being able to make friends, floundering in school, or lacking conviction your goals are rarely made public. These experiences are treated like taboos, yet I think it’s extremely empowering to be open to the vulnerability they entail. Candidness about the countless setbacks and missteps that come with growth is enormously valuable — it illuminates the commonality in our human experiences and the kinship we share in our failures. The goal of this blog is not just an exercise in self-reflection, but to appeal to you, the reader, to embrace your own shortcomings as fertile ground for personal growth.

Thank you for following my journey so far. I hope to share more with you in this space.

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